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Anderson SB® Environmental Boots protect SB® connectors in outdoor or industrial applications. The thick rubber connector boots are chemical and UV resistant.  They shield the SB® connectors from water and dust while mated or unmated to IP64. This environmental protection maintains the designed reliability and safety of Anderson Power Products SB® connectors.  The added insulation further protects the end user from electric shock by covering wire insulation creep. SB®

Environmental Boots are easy to install with a broad range of wire sizes by simply cutting at the appropriate AWG and metric markings on the boots. 

Applications include:-

What are some applications for SB® Environmental Boots?

Ideal applications include generators, industrial trucks, telecom battery backup, buses, road construction & maintenance vehicles, off road equipment, and agriculture equipment.

To recap you can conquer the elements and extend the life of your SB® connector with these SB® Environmental Boots attributes:

  • Water Resistant IP64 Rated Design
  • Protect Against Corrosion & UV
  • Restrict Dust & Debris Damage
  • Durable Thick Rubber Insulation
  • Maintain Connector Reliability & Safety
  • Mountable and Easy to Use

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